Prominent Projects

Prominent Projects

INFA Technologies entered the world of the telecommunications industry 27 years ago. Ever since the 1970′s, INFA has been involved in civilian two-way communications. Through its rapid growth and development, the company has become a major supplier for the government departments of Hong Kong and Macau including the Wireless Communication Systems for the Customs & Excise Department, Fire Services Department and Marine Department of Hong Kong. In Macau, INFA has supplied the largest Wireless Communication System, for the Fire Service, Marine Police and Security Forces.

INFA is also a major supplier of Navigation and Recording Systems for Hong Kong’s and China’s airports. The systems include a Doppler VHF Omni-directional Radio Beacon, an Airfield Radar System, a Message Switching System and a Distance Measuring System for the Hong Kong International Airport and a Voice and Data Recording System for over 100 airports in China.

In 1979, INFA installed the first mobile radio system in Guangzhou and henceforward began serving a range of sectors of the China telecommunications market from aviation to finance, and from power supply to postal services.

INFA has innovatively developed a Secretarial Paging System, which became a new standard for paging in Asia. In addition to Wireless Communication Systems, INFA has also worked in China on many key projects, which include an Automatic Synthesized Radio Production Line for the Fushun Radio Factory, Liaoning Province and Automatic Mobile Telephone Systems for the Nanhai West Oil Corporation – one of the largest coastal stations and automatic mobile telephone systems in China. INFA also participated in a World Bank-Financed project supplying a digital microwave communication system to control the irrigation of the Yellow River in Ningxia, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces.

In the early 1990s, INFA again moved forward to become a telecommunications service provider in Hong Kong. Under joint venture arrangements, we introduced to our customers an array of innovative and personalized services in paging and mobile communications both locally and overseas.

INFA is also Asia’s largest supplier of Multi-channel recording systems. A Multi-channel Recording System has been provided for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for all transaction trading. INFA has also supplied 4,000 telephone lines for the Telebet Centre of the Hong Kong Jockey Club since 1993.

In the recent years, INFA has expanded to offer leading system integration and a full range of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Multi-media and e-Commerce equipment and end-to-end solutions.